HandPickd - REST API

Source Code

HandPickd App

by Anthony Vittoria

This API endpoint responds to POST requests with nail polishes that most closely match the provided RGB values.

Example request using Python:

            import json, requests
            response = requests.post("https://handpickd.herokuapp.com/", {'r': 102, 'g': 235, 'b': 49})
            print(json.dumps(response.json(), indent = 1))


                "0": {
                 "name": "Nail Lacquer",
                 "brand": "Orly",
                 "price": "$9.50",
                 "shade": "So Fly (neon green cr\u00e8me)",
                 "product_url": "https://www.ulta.com/nail-lacquer?productId=xlsImpprod5260123",
                 "shade_url": "https://images.ulta.com/is/image/Ulta/2567589"
                "1": {
                 "name": "Gel Shine Nail Lacquer Limited Edition Caribbean Collection",
                 "brand": "ULTA",
                 "price": "$7.50",
                 "shade": "Cabana Boy (light green cream) OUT OF STOCK ",
                 "product_url": "https://www.ulta.com/gel-shine-nail-lacquer-limited-edition-caribbean-collection?productId=pimprod2003629",
                 "shade_url": "https://images.ulta.com/is/image/Ulta/2536448"
                "2": {
                 "name": "Professional Nail Lacquer",
                 "brand": "Morgan Taylor",
                 "price": "$9.50",
                 "shade": "Lots Of Dots (mixed rainbow speckles)",
                 "product_url": "https://www.ulta.com/professional-nail-lacquer?productId=xlsImpprod13971073",
                 "shade_url": "https://images.ulta.com/is/image/Ulta/2546031"